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Training on Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services Training

What is Amazon Web Services training about ?

mazon Web Services is a cloud services provider and that is also known as infrastructures a service or I A S.

Amazon Web Services provides demand based computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. It offers services in various domains such as compute, storage, networking etc.

Many people believe that cloud services just offer service for storage but Amazon Web Services offers a lot more in terms of networking analytics developer tools and virtualization security. Storing pictures or anything over the cloud is just a small subset of the cloud. It also allows you to backup and shares data.

What will you learn in Amazon Web Services training?

  • Introduction to the Course
  • AWS Overview
  • Identity Access Management
  • The Backbone of AWS
  • AWS Object Storage and S3, Glacier
  • Amazon EBS
  • Databases on AWS
  • VPC
  • Application Services

What will you be able to do after Amazon Web Services training ?

  • Create an AMI
  • Lifecycle Management & Glacier
  • Instance Store Usage Scenarios
  • Adding Instance Store Volumes to an AMI
  • Setting Up Environment
  • Setting Up EC2
  • Automation & Setting Up AMI
  • Configuring Autoscaling & Load Testing
  • Billing Dashboard
  • AWS Pricing Calculator
  • Architecting for the AWS Cloud: Best Practices
  • The AWS Command Line & EC2
  • Using IAM roles with EC2
  • Using Bootstrap Scripts
  • EC2 Instance Meta-data
  • Auto Scaling

Who should take this Training and what is the prerequisite ?

People Looking to build their competence in AWS and can have no prior experience in AWS.

Career Prospects

There are numerous companies bringing into play AWS cloud solutions for their advancement. AWS is one of the primary and leading cloud service providers. Opting a career in AWS will be beneficial in your career as it is one of those emerging technologies which will be used by every company in upcoming years.

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