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Mobile Testing with Appium

25 Registered Dec, 2018 11:00 AM 3 days / 32 Hrs

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About the Instructor:

He is an OPTIMISTIK INFOSYSTEMS Accredited Instructor with, more than 10 years of experience in Delivering Training to Corporates. He is an ISTQB Certified Tester and Agile Testing Alliance Certified Selenium Automation Trainer. He has been delivering successful trainings on Selenium Automation, Appium, ROBOT Framework, Python Django, Watir, Cucumber, TDD/BDD.

He has delivered such trainings for reputed clients like Capgemini, Sungard, Lnt Infotech, Yash Technologies.



What is Appium?

Appium is an open source test automation tool used for testing mobile applications. It allows users to test various types of mobile applications (such as Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web) using standard WebDriver library. Using Appium, you also run automated tests on actual devices like tablets, mobile phones.


This is an on demand, customized course designed for an audience with good experience on Manual Software Testing.

In this workshop the audience would get a deep dive exposure on Test Automation of Mobile Applications using Appium. They would be able to perform Test Automation on Native, Web-Based as well as Hybrid Applications using Appium (Detailed Course Plan can be shared on request).

Event Schedule:

Appium Introduction

  • Appium Features
  • What makes Appium a future of mobile Automation
  • Appium Internal Architecture

Appium Installation on WINDOWS for Android Automation

  • Installing Android Studio and Java
  • Configuring System variables for both Android SDK and Java
  • Downloading Eclipse and Installing ADT Plugin
  • New update on Installation
  • Configuring ADT plugin settings in Eclipse
  • Installing Appium Server and Jars
  • Creating Eclipse project and Configuring Appium selenium jars
  • Brushup Java concepts

Appium Installation on MAC for IOS Automation (Documentation)

  • What is Xcode? Install Xcode
  • Validating IOS Simulator and Downloading Java
  • Installing Eclipse IDE for MAC
  • Downloading Appium/Selenium Jars (Java Client 5.0)

APPIUM first program

  • Desired Capabilities concepts
  • Invoking Android Virtual Device
  • First Program explaining Mobile Capabilities
  • Android Driver Invocation

Native APPS Automation

  • Program on Invoking Apps
  • UI Automator Tool to identify objects
  • Automating app UI Using of ID,Xpath ClassNames
  • Appium API's for UI interaction
  • Mobile Gestures Automation
  • UI Selector class in handling Advanced API's
  • AndroidKeyEvents Handling
  • Procedure for downloading App in Emulator(Virtual devices)
  • Automation on real devices
  • Invoking App with package Activity
  • Example on package name and Activity Invoking app

Live Examples on Device APPS

  • Music App- Testcases to Automate
  • Practice Exercise-1 (Covers Mobile Gestures)
  • Practice Exercise- 2 (Covers Core Appium Api)
  • Languages App- Testcases to Automate
  • Practice Exercise 3 --(Appium+Webdriver logic)
  • Practice Exercise 4- (Android Key Events)
  • ecommerce App-Installing app into Device
  • Practice Exercise -4-Handling Image Banners
  • Practice Exercise -5-Handling Scrollable Menu,Popups
  • Practice Exercise -6-Handling checkboxes,Radiobuttons,Dynamic Texts

Other Events:

Target Audience:

Software Test Professionals, QA Managers and Architects, QA Specialists, Manual Testers, Software Quality Control Engineers, Test Leads

Delivery Mode:

  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Case studies driven approach
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Learning by Doing Approach

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