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Training on Apache Camel

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Apache Camel Training

What is Apache Camel training about ?

Apache Camel is one of the best open source frameworks in the Java environment .Camel is an implementation of Enterprise Integration Patterns, a collection of design patterns for integrating new and existing systems in a business environment.

Apache camel was created as a project of the Apache Software Foundation, a non-profit corporation that oversees the development of Apache software. Apache camels provide intelligent routing, massage transformation, protocol meditation. Apache camels support different DSL like java Scala XML. You can think of it as enterprise service bus also.

What will you learn in Apache Camel training ?

  • Camel Introduction
  • Setting up Camel
  • Managing routing with Camel
  • Development
  • Monitoring and Administering Camel
  • Data Transformation in Camel
  • Beans & Camel
  • REST Services  
  • Error Handling
  • Using Camel's Components
  • Camel Transactions

What will you be able to do after Apache Camel training ?

  • Understand data transformation
  • Transforming data with EIPs & Java
  • Using Camel’s CSV & JSON data format
  • Using EDI standard to other format
  • Transforming with templates
  • Camel’s method selection algorithm
  • Creating REST services with Camel Module
  • Fuse Component – JMS & ActiveMQ Integration
  • JMS Endpoint configuration   

Who should take Apache Camel Training and what is the prerequisite ?

This training should be taken by people with Basic Knowledge of Java Basic and Usage of tools like IntelliJ/Eclipse System. People should who wants to learn about different integrations with Camel and Anyone who wants to learn about different integrations with Camel.

Career Prospects of Apache Camel

Apache Camel is very versatile and can be used for various things such as integration of application with anything. It can also do database interaction, you can pick up files of any folder. It is also fast and easy to use. Apache camel is being used by a lot of companies and offers a lot of career opportunity.

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