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PowerShell Training

What is PowerShell training about ?

This three-day hands-on class will introduce administrators to the new Windows command-line shell, Windows PowerShell. Windows PowerShell offers both a command-line interface as well as a scripting environment. With connectivity to Microsoft products such as Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (MOM 2007), and many more, Windows PowerShell provides a consistent interface to more easily control system administration and accelerate automation. It runs on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008.

What will you learn in PowerShell training ?

  • Introduction to Windows PowerShell - the Basics
  • The Windows PowerShell Pipeline, Scripts, and Syntax
  • Variables and Data Types, Variable Scopes, and Arrays
  • Script Execution
  • Running a Script
  • Execution Policy
  • Group Policy for Execution
  • Script Execution
  • Local Certificate Authority Creation
  • Signing Certificate Creation
  • Signing Scripts Using Certificates
  • Secure String Creation
  • Script Flow Control Statements
  • Formatting
  • Regular Expressions
  • Error Handling
  • Advanced Scripting for Administrators

What will you be able to do after PowerShell training ?

  • Use Windows PowerShell commands and navigate the Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Use pipelines and scripts.
  • Manipulate data using variables and arrays.
  • Create, execute, and sign scripts for security.
  • Use script flow control statements.

Who should take PowerShell training and what is the prerequisite ?

This training is people from Administration background and the training is intended for IT pros.

Career Prospects of PowerShell

PowerShell brings all functionality together in one spot and in a consistent manner. It exposes the functionality to be used by a GUI or a script. PowerShell is easy to use and offers many features. More and more companies are shifting to PowerShell. It is one of the popular careers which will be in great demand in coming future.

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