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Case Studies

We share with you meaningful insights from the industry and how our trainings have helped organizations transform their
ideas into action.

350+ Resources to be Trained in 6 months

 OPTIMISTIK INFOSYSTEMS   |    Thursday, July 18, 2019   | Category: Training

The training courses were very large in number and the resources had to be trained only in 6 months. A precise strategy had to be made and action plan. We formulated the strategy keeping in mind the companies need......

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Cloud Migration

 OPTIMISTIK INFOSYSTEMS   |    Tuesday, July 16, 2019   | Category: Cloud Computing

Is your company thinking of changing their cloud service? Are you looking for an expert advise to help in cloud service migration to a different vendor? Recently, Optimistik Infosystems guided the IT team of company X,who were searching for an expert level guidance in shifting their cloud service to another vendor ......

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