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Azure Cosmos Database Training

What is Azure Cosmos Database training about ?

Azure cosmos db offers the first globally distributed multi-model database service for building planet scale apps by microsoft. You can access azure locations anywhere across the world at any time,with a simple click and it also supports multiple APIs. It replicates data hassle free and makes it highly available. It allows you to scale throughput and storage elastically and globally. And you pay only for the storage and throughput you need. It helps you to perform really fast queries. They key features of azure cosmos db are high-availability, consistency, throughput and single – digit millisecond latencies.

What will you learn in Azure Cosmos Database Training?

  • Why and what is NOSQL Database?
  • Evolution of Cosmos DB
  • What is Cosmos Database
    • How to measure Performance
  • Horizontal partitioning and backup recovery.
    • Distributed databases and consistency.
    • Document Database
    • Difference between relational and Document DB
    • Cosmos DB Hierarchical resource model.
    • Introduction and Available SDK’s.
    • Index management.
    • Demo on Indexes.
  • How data is stored and how is it different from SQL API.

What will you be able to do after azure cosmos db training ?

  • Creating Azure resource and Cosmos DB account
  • Local Emulator, how to install and use.
  • Creating Collections and documents
  • How to Measure Required RU’s
  • Monitoring RU consumption.
  • Allocating RU’s at both Database Collection level.
  • Estimating throughput needs
  • Automatic backup restore with Azure DB
  • Read write Geo replication
  • Deploying the Web App
  • Using The SQL API
  • Create a function triggered by Azure Cosmos DB
  • Create an Azure Cosmos DB account
  • Create an Azure Function app
  • Create Azure Cosmos DB trigger
  • Creating a collection
  • Testing the function

Who should take azure cosmos db Training and what is the prerequisite ?

The primary objective of this courses it to enable attendees to understand and leverage knowledge of Azure Cosmos Database. Create database, collections and performance management with the help of tuning throughput, horizontal partitioning and Indexing. Manipulate data with the help of Visual Studio, .NET and server side coding like, Store procedures, Functions and triggers.

Career Prospects

Azure Cosmos DB offers versatile features which makes it very lucrative for companies to use. Knowing Azure Cosmos DB will give you a upper hand in your profile and prove to be a promising career options.

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