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Using Tableau to Harness the Power of your data

12 Registered Dec, 2018 11:00 AM 2 Hrs

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About the Instructor:

An OPTIMISTIK INFOSYSTEMS Accredited Instructor with, He has over 12 years of experience in Business Intelligence & Data Analytics across industry verticals of Mining, IT, Consulting and Banking. In my last company at Rio Tinto, he managed HR Analytics and End User Analytics for global stakeholders. He is Microsoft Power BI Certified and Tableau Expert.
He has delivered multiple trainings on usage of Tableau & Power BI in his previous company with groups of 15 people. He has played a critical role in implementation of Share Point Analytics using Power BI across the company that helped company save cost and improve productivity. He has also delivered high visibility projects in HR Employee Attrition & Turnover using Tableau and Statistical tool, R.



What is Tableau ?

Tableau is a data visualization tool created by Tableau Software. Tableau connects easily to several data sources, and allows for rapid insight by transforming data into dashboards that look amazing and are also interactive.


This is an On- Demand, customized webinar to be delivred for a large audience teams who are exploring options in Data Visualization. This is a part of a large Group which is into engineering design, product development, smart manufacturing, and digitalization.

Event Schedule:

  • Why Tableau? – Covering Gartner Magic Quadrant results for 2017 and 2018 & Comparison with other tools like Power BI and Qlikview.
  • Also to be covered After Sale Services by Tableau such as community, blogs, support etc.
  • How Tableau empowered companies see and understand their data (Sharing successful stories of different companies)
  • Quick sneak preview of Power of Tableau (Sharing of Dashboard & Designs, Features, look & feel of Tableau Software)
  • What is BI & Tableau (covering different products of Tableau)?
  • Who can learn Tableau?
  • How Tableau help career and data?
  • Conclusion
  • How to choose right BI tool?
  • Which BI tool is good for you?

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Target Audience:

Developers, Business Analysts, Designers, Data Science Professionals

Delivery Mode:

  • Live Virtual Session

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