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Live Webinar on Domain Driven Design (DDD)

15 Registered 1 Mar, 2019 11:00 AM 2 Hrs

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Sharad Nalawade

Data Scientist, Machine Learning
& Digital Transformation Consultant

Sharad Nalawade with over 30 years of IT industry experience, has held strategic leadership and consulting positions with reputed organizations like Accenture, Wipro, Cisco, CMC and others. He has led a number of business critical customer facing engagements across industries. He has worked with Fortune 500 customers in more than 25 countries on designing and delivering complex business critical solutions.

Sharad has delivered a number of workshops and training programs in the areas of Domain Driven Design, EA, TOGAF, RPA, Digital Transformation and Agile Scrum to a large number of customers in India and abroad. He consults with IT services organizations in developing and implementing IT architectures and solutions.


What is Domain Driven Design (DDD)?

Software professionals working on a variety of digital platforms, tools and technologies come with either limited or one sided view of the software architecture and design concepts. The DDD is all about connecting the implementation to an evolving software model on the digital age. DDD focuses on the core domain of the business. There is a strong emphasis on the collaboration between domain experts and software developers. The two teams will share a common ubiquitous language. Currently, most of the software engineers lack the collaboration and domain language driven approach to software development especially while designing Microservices and APIs.

About the Webinar:

The webinar addresses the above concerns. The focus of the webinar is to introduce the core ideas of Domain Driven Design (DDD), its principles and techniques and applying these ideas to designing and developing digital solutions such as Microservices and APIs. DDD reduces a lot of re-work and motivates software professionals to apply better design ideas to the complex software.

This 120 mins webinar is hosted by OPTIMISTIK INFOSYSTEMS ( , a preferred name for High Quality Learning Solutions and presented by Mr. Sharad Nalwade , one of the most renowned speaker on the subject.

Key points of discussion:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Aligning business domain with software engineering practices
  • Role of software design and architecture
  • Introducing Domain Driven Design approach
  • Domain Driven Design (DDD) concepts and techniques
  • The Business value of DDD for domain stakeholders
  • DDD Patterns
  • Applying DDD to developing Microservices and APIs
  • Tips on implementing DDD concepts to your projects

Sneak Preview of the 2 Days workshop on DDD

Who should attend:

Software Developers and Designers, Software Architects, Application Architects, System Designers, Solution Architects / Solution Designers, Business Analysts, Design Leads, Project Managers, Digital Transformation consultants.

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