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Training on Mobile Web Development

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Mobile Web Development Training

What is Mobile Web Development training about ?

Mobile web development is about developing applications that can be viewed on a mobile browser and designed according to the functionalities of a mobile. More and more people are switching to mobile to browse things or to access websites. Mobile Web Development is becoming very popular and for all the right reasons. There are different things taken into consideration for mobile web development in comparison with web development such as design differences, functionality etc.

In this training, we will be focusing on mobile web development using React Native.

What will you learn in Mobile Web Development training ?

  • What is React Native?  
  • Development Tools  
  • React Components  
  • Redux  
  • React Native Components
  • React Native Elements  
  • Network Communications
  • APIs  
  • Native Resources
  • Handling Gestures
  • Accessibility
  • Timers
  • Performance

What will you be able to do after Mobile Web Development training ?

  • React Native CLI  
  • Homebrew  
  • Node and NPM  
  • XCode  
  • Android Studio  
  • Debugging React to Native Applications  
  • Render Function and JSX  
  • Props and Immutability  
  • State  
  • Styling  
  • Life Cycle Methods  
  • Stateless Functions  
  • Composing Components  
  • Application Registry  
  • Text, Image and View Components  
  • Create StyleSheet Objects  
  • Layout with FlexBox
  • Fetch  
  • WebSockets
  • Animate Components with LayoutAnimation  
  • Higher-Order Components  
  • Applying Animation Styling
  • Handling Gestures

Who should take Mobile Web Development training and what is the prerequisite ?

All attendees must have substantial basic experience developing with JavaScript and HTML.

Career Prospects of Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web Development would surely prove beneficial as the mobile usage is increasing and the demand for mobile-friendly web applications is also increasing. Mobile Web Development offers more salary than Web Development and is in higher demand. You can even use your web development skills for mobile web development.

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