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Green Computing : Let Your Codes Help Reduce Emissions !!!

 Navjyot Mitter   |   Tuesday, October 16, 2018  | Category: Green Computing

While the world is working hard towards a greener planet in terms of reducing plastic, conversing our forests, reducing fuel waste, using clean sources of fuel and recycling non-biodegradable waste, the software industry is relatively untouched in terms of energy saving models....

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Predictive Analysis on Stock Prices using R Studio - A case study for Beginners

 Sanket Thodge   |   Monday, January 8, 2018  | Category: Sensex,Analytics,R & SIP

Sensex, NSE (National Stock Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), Stockholm, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, Nikkei - these all words lights up trade-stocks-PE ratio-money volatility in our brain; INVESTMENT.....

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Mind map Technique for Learning on the Fly

 Niranjan Mirasdar   |   Tuesday, January 9, 2018   | Category: Mind map

We in 2018 live in a Knowledge Society and need a lot of Learning, unlearning and relearning all at the same time. As the race to do more in less especially with time intensifies, we the Knowledge workers are under severe pressure to increase our competency in "Learning on the Fly"....

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